Our Services

If you’re interested in getting a Wood or multifuel burner,
look no further than Still & Sons

Our Services

Our experienced installers are able to carry out a full installation, but we also offer a refurbishment service, where we can invigorate an older stove, and give it a makeover. We also recommend that your wood burners are serviced regularly, which is another service that we offer.

  • stove

    Stove Choice

    If you visit our showroom you'll be able to not only look, but get a feel for how they work, and maybe even fall in love with a stove at first sight.

  • fireplace

    Hearth Design

    Bring vibrancy to your site by setting colour & transparency with our amazing colour overlays

  • brickwall

    Chamber Design

    Pick what you want to do. Have some chamber slips put in, or maybe just some brick work. Whatever you want, we can do it.


Need a new wood burner fitted to your property?

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