Wood Burning Stoves

If you’re interested in getting a Wood or multifuel burner,
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contemporary stove


Contemporary log burners bridge the gap between traditional styles and modern styles. If you're looking for a compromise or you like new and old, then this type of aesthetic might be the one for you. These log burners are not limited to smaller builds, and have something to suit everyone.

modern stove


Just because they're categorised as modern log burners, doesn't mean they can't suit an old house! Our variety of burners means we have always got something for everyone's aesthetic, and a lot of modern burners have a variety of customisable options, like colour, or even sometimes material!

traditional stove


if you want a modern burning log burner, but want an aesthetically pleasing, older looking burner, then we have got plenty of range for you to choose from, you can get all the bark, with the modern bite!


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